What are Dental Braces? – Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore

The misaligned teeth are not just about aesthetics. It also has an impact on the dental health. The misaligned teeth are difficult to clean, and maintaining good oral hygiene with regular brushing becomes a task.

Dental braces are the most common treatment modality used for straightening the teeth. Different braces are available at Bangalore Dental Specialists HSR Layout, which we will briefly discuss in the information below.  

The best age to get braces is when you notice the signs. However, we can treat any individual at any age with newer technologies in the modern dental world.

How do braces work?

The dental braces work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth. This constant force exerted by braces brings some changes in the bone surrounding the teeth on a molecular level. These changes allow the teeth movement and help align them in their desired position.

Getting your clinical examination done by our Bangalore Dental Specialists HSR Layout experts is essential before treatment planning. Our experts will evaluate your dental status and formulate a customized treatment plan.

Factors affecting the cost of braces

The cost of dental braces is usually dependent on the following:

  • The type of braces used
  • The severity of the case
  • The age of the person
  • The duration of the treatment 
  • Requirement of any adjunctive procedures like extraction

Indications for dental braces – Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore

Crooked teeth

It is one of the most common indications for dental braces treatment. It is a primary cosmetic concern and also poses problems with teeth cleaning and the ability to chew food.


When the upper front teeth overlap the lower front vertically more than usual, it is termed an overbite. It can be effectively managed in young adults as the bones are less calcified, making it easier to move the teeth.


The gaps between the teeth are considered normal in baby teeth. Other spaces between the adult teeth require intervention. Cosmetic dental treatments like dental veneers can manage gaps until 2 mm. Gaps of more than 2 mm are effectively treated with dental braces.

Types of Braces – Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore

Metal braces

It is the most common form of dental braces in which a metal bracket is placed onto the teeth, and wires pass through them. The idea behind this setup is to exert some pressure onto the teeth through these wires to cause teeth movement. The metal braces are highly effective in their action and can manage almost all kinds of crooked teeth. The only drawback to this type of arrangement is its lower aesthetic value.

Ceramic braces 

The aesthetic alternative to metal braces is tooth-colored ceramic braces. The mechanism of action remains the same as metal braces, but ceramic braces are aesthetically superior.

Lingual braces

They are also called inside braces. Metal braces or ceramic braces are fixed on the outer aspect, whereas lingual braces are placed on the inner part of the teeth. They are the discreet choice for people used in some cases.

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