How to fix gummy smile – Gummy Smile Treatment Bangalore

A Gummy smile is a condition when there is an excessive display of gums when you speak and smile. A Gummy smile can dull the overall esthetics of your smile. There can be various reasons for a gummy smile; how to fix it depends on the root cause. So, if you are worried about your gummy smile, read the information provided below, which was brought to you by Bangalore Dental Specialists.

At Bangalore Dental Specialists, our team of gum specialists brings extensive expertise and handles a wide range of gummy smile conditions.  

What is a gummy smile? – Gummy Smile Treatment Bangalore

A gummy smile is a condition in which the teeth appear smaller due to the excessive display of visible gum tissue. The gums cover the teeth, making them appear smaller. 

Causes of gummy smile – Gummy Smile Treatment Bangalore

There are various causes of gummy smiles, and the most common ones are discussed below:

Extra gum tissue

Some people have extra gum tissue covering their teeth. This excessive soft tissue makes the teeth appear shorter, and the gum line seems uneven.


The change in eruption position can also be a possible reason for the gummy smile. The teeth may erupt in a different location or partially, changing the balance equation between the teeth and gums. 

Hyperactive muscles

The hyperactivity of lip muscles tends to pull the lips more. This extra pulling leads to an excessive display of the soft tissues.

Extra growth

Excessive upper jaw growth or vertical maxillary excess can lead to teeth being positioned higher than usual. This positioning leads to excessive display of the gums, leading to a gummy smile.  

Treatment options available- Gummy Smile Treatment Bangalore

Numerous treatment options are available, ensuring that the most suitable one can be determined after a thorough and detailed examination tailored to your specific needs.


Gingivectomy is a procedure where the surgeon skillfully removes the excessive gum tissue that’s visible, thereby exposing more teeth. This creates a more balanced gum line. The surgery, whether performed with a scalpel or dental lasers, is a proven and effective method of correcting gummy smiles.

Crown lengthening

The excessive gum tissue and a small amount of bone tissue needed are removed to expose more of the tooth structure. The surgeon performs this procedure under local anesthesia, and it is entirely painless. The procedure aims to adjust the gums’ level to achieve the desired appearance. 

Gingival recontouring

Also known as gum contouring, it aims to reshape the gum line to achieve a more symmetrical appearance. Excess gum tissue can be removed using scalpel blades or lasers. Gum grafting can be done in a few cases with insufficient coverage. 

Lip repositioning

We will adjust the lip muscle attachments to achieve the desired lip position. It involves the modification of the muscles around the upper lip to restrict their excessive movement.

Orthognathic surgery

It is a surgical approach to correct the bony concerns causing a gummy smile. It involves repositioning the upper jaw, reshaping the facial bones and correcting the jaw discrepancies. 

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