Let’s find out how to fix craze lines in teeth naturally

The prime focus of every individual is to prevent tooth decay when it comes to oral health. However, there are certain cosmetic conditions that are often overlooked. One such condition is the presence of shallow vertical lines called craze lines. However, the craze lines are only a cosmetic concern and do not cause any harmful effect until they extend beyond enamel. Now, you must be wondering how to fix craze lines in teeth naturally. There are no home remedies to treat craze lines, but you can surely prevent them. In the information provided below, we will discuss the ways to prevent craze lines and the professional methods available to treat them- brought to you by Bangalore Dental Specialists.

Causes and how to fix craze lines in teeth naturally

Craze lines are not an emergency, but it is crucial to understand their causes for prevention. Hairline cracks in the teeth occur due to normal wear and tear over time. It is generally found more in people with the habit of teeth clenching. Craze lines can also occur in misaligned teeth and people with parafunctional habits like nail biting and using teeth as tools to open bottles and packages.

Craze Lines vs Cracked Teeth

Are craze lines the same as a cracked tooth? It is important to distinguish between the two as one is just a cosmetic concern, whereas a cracked tooth is an emergency. Craze lines are fine cracks limited to only the outer layer called the enamel. Cracked tooth extends beyond the enamel and can also reach up to the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth. Craze lines do not cause any symptoms, whereas a cracked tooth causes pain and sensitivity. 



Prevention and how to fix craze lines in teeth naturally

  • Use nightguards if you have a clenching habit
  • Be gentle with your toothbrushing
  • Avoid extremely hard food objects
  • Reduce the intake of extremely acidic food items
  • Regular checkups are a key to noticing any early signs of damage.

As far as natural ways or home remedies are concerned, there are none. However, there are professional ways of correcting craze lines by using dental bonding and dental veneers.

Dental bonding

It uses composite raisin material to fill the cracks and smoothen the enamel surface. It is a single-sitting procedure done by our experts at Bangalore Dental Specialists. Before planning the treatment, it is important to clinically examine your case to customise it.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are designed to attach themselves to the front surface of the teeth. They hide all the cosmetic flaws seamlessly. They are durable, highly effective and long-lasting solutions to hide various cosmetic issues like craze lines, minor cracks, chipped-off teeth and intrinsic stains. 

The bottom line

The conclusion of the whole discussion is that there are no home remedies for the treatment of craze lines. However, there are ways in which you can surely prevent them. If they are bothering you cosmetically, then  there are professional ways by which we can help you with our customised approach at Bangalore Dental Specialists.

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