Missing teeth – How to replace a teeth

Missing teeth are not just an aesthetic concern but can also lead to serious functional problems. There are various causes of missing teeth, and different treatment options are available for replacement of missing teeth. When the tooth is lost for a substantial time, the adjacent teeth tilt and try to fill in the gap. This shifting of the adjacent teeth disturbs the bite and hampers the mouth’s functionality. The tilting of the teeth leads to alignment issues and affects the capacity to maintain oral hygiene.  

If you have missing teeth and want to know the options on how to replace a teeth, then read the information provided below- brought to you by Bangalore Dental Specialists.

Common causes of Missing teeth 

Gum diseases

Plaque accumulates on the tooth surface when they are not regularly cleaned. Professional teeth cleaning is necessary to remove the plaque and tartar deposits from the teeth. If not removed, it leads to gum problems. Advanced stages of gum problems involve the supporting tissues of the teeth. It leads to tooth mobility and, eventually, tooth loss. 


Another common cause of tooth damage is tooth decay or cavities. It is a significant contributor to the problem of missing teeth. Tooth decay begins as a small pinpoint lesion in the tooth and spreads further with time. If diagnosed timely, we can stop the spread and treat the tooth. The advanced stages of tooth decay need extensive treatment or tooth extraction, leading to missing teeth. Tooth extraction is often kept as the last resort when all other methods fail to save the tooth. 

Direct Trauma 

Playing contact sports can lead to direct trauma and injury to the tooth. Direct trauma is another leading cause of tooth loss. Depending on the severity of tooth damage, the treatment is planned. If the tooth is lost due to trauma, replacements are planned.  

Treatment options – How to replace a teeth 

Dental Implants

Implants are the latest way of replacing the missing teeth. Titanium posts are directly inserted into the jaw bones to act as artificial roots. Many different types of implants are available with us at Bangalore Dental Specialists. After clinically and radiologically assessing your case, the best-suited variety is advised. Implants are fixed and permanent solutions to missing teeth problems. They are highly durable and are designed to last a lifetime. The aftercare of implants is simple and similar to that of natural teeth. The adjacent teeth are not altered for implant placement. They mimic the natural teeth exactly and do not look fake. Implants are a painless minor surgical procedure done under local anesthesia. 

Fixed Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are the prostheses that take support from the adjacent natural teeth. The adjacent teeth are altered to accommodate the bridge for replacing the missing teeth. The natural teeth act as anchors or pillars of the bridge. It is a non-surgical procedure done to deliver fast results. For fixed prostheses, we need healthy adjacent natural teeth for support. 

Removable denture

Removable dentures are prostheses that can be complete or partial. They are the traditional way of replacing missing teeth. They are indicated in cases where fixed prostheses or dental implants are possible due to the current dental status. They are more affordable, easy to make, and can be given in all conditions.

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