Invisalign Aftercare

Key points to be noted for Invisalign Aftercare

Why is Invisalign Aftercare important?

The Invisalign trays work well when maintained in good condition. The mechanism of action of Invisalign is to exert constant pressure on the teeth to move them into the desired location. This constant pressure can only be achieved if the trays are maintained in good condition. It is important to note that the trays are not damaged during treatment. A thorough cleaning ensures no plaque accumulation on the trays. The Invisalign Aftercare is essential to get the desired results in the estimated time. Frequent damage or improper maintenance will only increase the treatment duration – Invisalign Aftercare

Regular dental check-ups

Always attend regular follow-ups with our team at Bangalore Dental Specialists. We ensure that your trays fit nicely onto the teeth. It is essential to have a snug fit of the trays. A loose-fitting tray will not exert optimum pressure, and a tight tray will do more damage.


It is essential to clean your trays with brush and water. Ensure you brush and floss regularly to maintain your teeth in optimum health. For cleaning the trays, just use plain water and brush. Do not use chemicals on your trays, as they can damage them.


Always rinse your trays in lukewarm water when you take them out. Keep them in the case provided if you are not putting them back in the mouth. Rinsing them cleans them, and storing them properly prevents bacterial growth.


To eliminate bacterial growth, you must soak the trays daily in the cleaning solution. Invisalign has a cleaning crystal system that dissolves to form a solution. After soaking, brush and clean your trays thoroughly with a soft brush. Always rinse your trays with plain water before returning them to the mouth.

Eating & Drinking

You can only drink plain water while wearing Invisalign for everything else you need to remove the trays. Please store them in the case provided while eating to avoid misplacing them. Rinse your mouth with water after eating to wash away the food debris. Wear your trays back after cleaning your mouth.


It is essential to store your trays properly to maintain them in good shape. A damaged tray won’t work effectively and will prolong the treatment duration. Always carry the storage case wherever you travel and keep the trays in them if not placed in the mouth. Keep the storage case out of the reach of your children and pets.

How to Handle Lost or Damaged Trays? – Invisalign Aftercare

If you lose your trays, report immediately to our team at Bangalore Dental Specialists. We will schedule an appointment for the fabrication of new trays. In the meantime, switch back to the previous set of trays. This ensures your teeth won’t start moving around until you get your new Invisalign trays. 

Always keep inspecting your trays for any cracks or damage. If you notice any signs, it is crucial to inform us. Do not wear damaged trays, which may harm the soft tissues and cause ulcerations. Moreover, the damaged trays won’t work effectively.

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