Understanding the process – is dental implant painful

Dental implants are the latest method of replacing missing teeth. Multiple varieties of dental implants are available with us at Bangalore dental specialists. Dental implants have many advantages, such as preventing bone loss and offering natural tooth-like replacements.

Despite having major benefits, dental implants are considered a painful procedure. In the information provided below, we will understand the process of dental implants and answer the most common query of the majority of people: Is dental implant painful? Without further delay, let us get started.

Understanding Dental Implants – is dental implant painful

Dental implants are tiny screw-like structures that are placed directly into the bone. Implants unite with the jawbone through a process called Osseointegration. Unlike dentures, implants are a fixed solution to the problem of missing teeth. 

The Dental Implant Procedure – is dental implant painful

  • The procedure for dental implant placement involves multiple steps. The first step is the initial concentration with our implant experts at Bangalore Dental Specialists. 
  • Before starting the dental implant procedure, your current dental status is examined clinically and radiographically. Based on the diagnosis, a customised treatment plan is formulated to determine which type of implant suits your case. The dental implant procedure is a minor surgical process done under local anaesthesia and does not require hospital admission. The whole process is entirely painless and safe for you. Our team ensures that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. 
  • Once the titanium implant is inserted into the jawbone, a process called Osseointegration takes place. This allows the implant to fuse with the bone. Once it is confirmed radiographically that sufficient bone is formed around the implant, it is planned for abutment fixation and loading.
  • None of the processes involves pain; the whole treatment is completed in 2-3 sittings. So, the major concern of people regarding the pain associated is false. 

Pre-operative precautions

Although the process of implant placement is painless, however, it is important to have certain precautions for a smooth surgery. Discussing your medical history with our team is suggested to help us plan the treatment better. Disclose all the medicines you are currently taking and any past medical experiences like allergic reactions, if any. 

Tips for a Smooth Recovery

  • Some discomfort is normal and expected during the initial few days of recovery. However, it is nothing to be worried about as there are simple ways to manage the discomfort and recover smoothly. 
  • Adhering to the post-operative instructions is the best way to have a smooth recovery. Our team will provide you with the list of dos and donts you must follow for a speedy recovery. 
  • In the initial few days, shifting to a soft diet is important to avoid excessive pressure on the implant site. Following the dietary instructions is crucial for a fast recovery. 
  • Avoiding strenuous activities during the initial phase is also suggested for a speedy recovery.

The bottom line

Dental implants are a painless way of replacing missing teeth in a fixed manner. The common notion that there is pain involved in implant placement is completely a myth. The whole process is entirely painless and hassle-free. 

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