Kids RCT – Is root canal safe for kids

RCT, or root canal treatment, is a standard adult dental procedure. But can we do RCT in kids? Is root canal safe for kids? These are some common queries regarding kids’ dental treatment asked from our experts. If you have similar doubts, then hold on and read the information provided below as we briefly explain the process – brought to you by Bangalore Dental Specialists.

What is kids’ RCT – Is root canal safe for kids

Root canal treatment is a procedure to prevent the spread of infection and save your tooth. RCT involves cleaning the canal spaces and filling them with a biocompatible material to seal the tooth, preventing reinfection. It is commonly done for adult teeth, but a few people think it is only done in adults. No, root canal treatment can also be done in milk teeth. In children, there is a specific time for the eruption of permanent teeth, and till then, it is crucial to save the baby’s teeth. 

A kid’s root canal is a safe and highly effective way to save your child’s teeth from early loss. At Bangalore Dental Specialists, we have a team of kid specialists who are proficient in managing your child with ease. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for your kids.

Importance of kids RCT – Is root canal safe for kids?

The common thinking among people is that milk teeth are temporary, so why should we do this procedure to save them? The milk teeth are temporary, but they have specific functions:

  • Guiding the permanent teeth into their desired location
  • Maintaining the space for permanent teeth to avoid crowding
  • Helping the child chew better
  • It helps the child learn how to eat 
  • Milk teeth also aid in a child’s speech

What does an early loss of milk teeth lead to?

  • Early exfoliation of milk teeth can cause problems like:
  • Potential crowding
  • Slight speech problems
  • Migration of adult teeth

Different types of kids RCT – Is root canal safe for kids

Pulp therapy

It is indicated in minor pulp damage. It is meant to arrest the infection early to eliminate the risk of further complications.


In this type of RCT, only the infected portion of the root canal is removed. The clean and uninfected portion is left to allow the growth of the roots of the teeth.


It is similar to RCT in adults, with only a slight difference in the material used for sealing the tooth. The material used for kids resorbs with time. 

Time taken – Is root canal safe for kids

The time taken is usually 30-60 mins per session. However, the time may vary as per the severity of the case, and it is best to get your child clinically examined by our experts to know better.

Is it a painful experience?

No, the whole process is painless as it is done under local anesthesia. Root canal treatment is a safe and hassle-free experience for your child, and our experts ensure that your child is safe.

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