Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

Experience the ultimate smile makeover with Full Mouth Rehabilitation, enhancing your dental health and appearance.

Embark on a Journey of Total Transformation with Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Our Holistic Approach Paves the Way to Optimal Comfort and Lasting Results, Elevating Your Smile to New Heights. Say Goodbye to Lengthy Procedures – Our Streamlined Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process Maximizes Efficiency, Giving You More Time to Enjoy Life’s Moments. Experience the Ease and Convenience of Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Empowering You to Achieve Your Dream Smile Without Compromising Your Valuable Time and Energy.

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Unlock the Ease and Effectiveness of Full Mouth Rehabilitation in HSR Layout, Bangalore, exclusively offered by the renowned experts at Bangalore Dental Specialists. Bid farewell to prolonged visits and time-consuming procedures as we provide a comprehensive solution to rejuvenate and perfect your smile.

Our skilled specialists employ state-of-the-art techniques to address various dental concerns with precision. Through our innovative Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment, we target and resolve underlying issues, discreetly and comfortably aligning your teeth to their optimal positions.

Are you seeking a complete smile transformation with Full Mouth Rehabilitation? Trust our expertise to create a radiant and functional smile that exceeds your expectations.

  • Renewed Oral Health, Enhanced Quality of Life – Experience a comprehensive restoration that revitalizes your oral health, rejuvenates your smile, and improves your overall well-being.

  • Say goodbye to discomfort and difficulty while eating or speaking, as full mouth rehabilitation restores optimal functionality, allowing you to enjoy life’s moments without limitations.

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation not only addresses dental issues but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your smile, boosting your self-confidence and leaving a lasting positive impression.

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore

Restore, rejuvenate, and rejoice with Full Mouth Rehabilitation, the path to a healthy and stunning smile.

Embark on a Journey to a Radiant Smile with Full Mouth Rehabilitation, offering a seamless and comfortable solution for your dental needs. Experience the freedom to maintain impeccable oral hygiene effortlessly and indulge in your favorite foods without restrictions, thanks to the durable and adaptable design of this transformative treatment.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation? – Full Mouth Rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore

Full mouth rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore, offered by Bangalore Dental Specialists, refers to comprehensively rebuilding and rehabilitating a patient’s smile to improve their overall health, function, and appearance.

FMR typically takes into account multiple procedures that work synergistically to effectively bring down the infection and decay, rebuild the dentition, and enhance the appearance of the teeth providing a long-lasting sparkling smile.

Who requires FMR? – Full mouth rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore

Full Mouth Rehabilitation is generally considered in individuals having severely damaged, decayed, or worn-out teeth requiring significant repair, rebuilding, or replacement levels.

Common conditions include:

  • Multiple missing teeth due to decay or injury
  • Severely damaged teeth
  • Dental fillings or crowns that are failing
  • Worn-out teeth down due to poor diet, acid reflux, or tooth grinding
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Deep staining or discoloration

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: – Full mouth rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore:

Bangalore Dental Specialists will thoroughly examine the mouth to determine the issues and their respective treatments. The patient will be examined on the following parameters:

  • Tooth structure: Bangalore Dental Specialists will check and note any cavities, decay, tooth wear, cracks, chipping, shifting, short or long teeth, and the condition of previously treated teeth. This will determine the restorative procedures that may be required.
  • Gum health: The quality and amount (excessive or insufficient) of gum tissue are assessed along with the density of the jawbone. If a person has gum disease, he/she may require gum and bone treatment for a solid foundation.
  • A normal bite: A normal bite does not cause pain while opening or closing the mouth or chewing. It shouldn’t have any popping or jaw-locking, nor doesn’t do any dental damage. In case of an uneven bite, orthodontic treatment is required.
  • Aesthetics: A deep look into the color, shape, size, and proportion of the teeth and how they fit with the gums, lips, mouth, side profile, and face are also important factors when considering Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

All this is done with the help of X-rays, photographs, upper and lower teeth impressions, mock-ups of these impressions, and bite registration models.

Procedures involved in FMR – Full Mouth Rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore

  • Dental Implants
  • Implant-supported dentures
  • Traditional dentures
  • Dental crowns or bridges
  • Root canal therapy
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Periodontal (gum) therapy
  • Tooth extractions

FMR Vs. Smile makeover:

Despite having almost the same procedures, Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Smile Makeover differ because the reasons for the treatments differ.

A smile makeover is an elective cosmetic treatment of a healthy but aesthetically imperfect smile to enhance one’s smile. In contrast, a Full Mouth Rehabilitation or FMR is a necessary treatment that prioritizes oral health and restores teeth that are damaged, failing, or missing due to injury or dental disease to regain the lost oral health and function.

Factors affecting the cost of FMR:

Full mouth rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore offered by Bangalore Dental Specialists may vary as per the case and on factors such as:

  • Procedures performed
  • The complexity of the case
  • The current condition of the oral cavity (mouth)
  • Dental materials and technologies used

Aftercare – Full mouth rehabilitation in HSR Layout Bangalore:

  • If you have undergone dental implants or extractions, use an ice pack to reduce swelling, followed by warm saline rinses after 24 hours.
  • In cases of orthodontic treatments, maintain a regular oral hygiene routine and use an interdental brush to achieve a thorough cleaning.
  • If you have been given dental crowns or bridges, avoid having sticky, chewy candies or hard foods substances that may dislodge the crown or bridge.
  • In the case of porcelain veneers, avoid biting from the treated teeth to prevent chipping off of veneers.
  • If you were given root canal therapy, avoid chewing from the side where the procedure has been done till the dentist advises you to.