Repeat Root Canal Treatment

Efficient and effective way to Save your natural tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore or RCT is one of the most common dental procedures, and it is done to save a tooth from being extracted. But there are several cases when a RCT fails and a patient comes back with pain and swelling.

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A Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore (Re-RCT) can be performed using different modalities and treatment protocols.

Several factors have influence on the choice of the RCT treatment modality, such as the tooth to be treated and the indication for treatment.

However, the indication for the treatment is often seen as the most important factor. For example, the indication for RCT treatment could be based on radiographs, which are taken before treatment, or on symptoms, which are present during treatment.

Re-treatment of a root canal is done when the root canal fails and there is an underlying issue that causes pain and discomfort even after the root canal treatment.

Re treatment increases the chances of success and drastically reduces chances of failure.

Do you need to get a re-treatment done?

  • Re-RCT or Repeat Root Canal Treatment is done when the RCT fails.

  • Sometimes when there is an underlying issue that causes pain and discomfort even after doing an RCT.

  • An Endodontist would perform a Re- RCT to clean out the infection and then fill it again.

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Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore

Do you know that Root Canal Treated tooth can still be saved?

Depending on the condition of the teeth, nature of pain and the defect we can ensure that a Root Canal Treated Teeth can still be saved with Repeat Root Canal Treatment.

What is a Repeat Root Canal Treatment – Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore

With adequate dental hygiene, a root canal-treated tooth can last a lifetime. However, in some cases, the tooth previously undergone root canal treatment may not respond well or heal properly – Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore.

The tooth may become painful or diseased again after months or years of the initial treatment, indicating the need for Repeat Rct Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore.

Why is Repeat Root Canal Treatment required? – Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore

A Repeat Rct Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore may be indicted in the following cases:

  • Narrow or curved root canals that were not treated in the previous procedure
  • Variations in shape and forms of the root canal of the tooth that got undetected previously
  • Delayed placement of the final dental filling after the initial treatment may lead to bacterial contamination leading to new infection
  • A tooth sustaining a fracture that may cause injury to the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth

Signs indicating the need for a Repeat Root Canal Treatment:

The most common cause of re-treatment is poor healing of the dental tissue. Below are some signs that might necessitate a Repeat Rct Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore:

  • Pain
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Pus discharge
  • Pimple or boil on the gums

The procedure of a Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore

Bangalore Dental Specialists will evaluate the case comprehensively to provide the best treatment.

Following is the process of carrying out a Repeat Rct Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore:

Step 1:

An X-ray is done to check and evaluate the present condition of the tooth. Local anesthesia is administered to make the diseased tooth and surrounding area numb. This maximizes patient comfort and helps in establishing a smooth procedure.

Step 2:

A small hole is made on the biting or chewing surface of the previously treated tooth to gain access to the root canal. If any complex dental fillings, or crowns, were used, they must be removed priorly.

Step 3:

Bangalore Dental Specialists remove the root canal filling, and the canals are adequately cleaned, disinfected, and shaped.

Step 4:

Depending on the infection or pus, the dentist may give an antibacterial dressing inside the root. The tooth is closed with a temporary filling. 

Step 5:

During the second visit, this dressing is removed, and the canals are cleaned, checking thoroughly if the infection has been cured.

Step 4:

The root canals are then filled and sealed with a dental sealant.

Step 5:

The final step is the restoration of the crown. Depending on the tooth structure, this can be done using dental fillings or may require a fabricated crown.

Repeat RCT Treatment Vs. Extraction:

Preserving the natural tooth is always preferred and is the best option wherever applicable.  Saving a natural tooth often yields healthier results. A re-treated tooth by Bangalore Dental Specialists can restore a tooth’s function for years or even a lifetime.

Saving a tooth is better than letting it go because it:

  • healing from an extraction procedure is much longer and more painful as compared to a repeat root canal treatment
  • an extraction leaves an open wound that is susceptible to infection
  • an extraction followed by implants is way costlier than getting a repeat RCT done
  • with a Repeat Rct Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore, a natural tooth remains in place, which gets removed while opting for extraction

Cost of Repeat Root Canal Treatment in HSR Layout Bangalore

Repeat root canal treatment by Bangalore Dental Specialists may vary as per the case and requirements, such as the tooth’s health, location of the tooth, the presence of pus, type of equipment used, etc.

Aftercare of re-treated tooth:

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Use warm saline water to rinse the mouth gently
  • Keep a check and visit the Bangalore Dental Specialists as and when required
  • Follow the appropriate medication schedule as suggested by the dentist

Henceforth, Re-RCT by Bangalore Dental Specialists is a wise choice to save the natural tooth, maintain its appearance, and restore the normal function of a tooth.