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Discover Unmatched Comfort and Lasting Benefits with Wisdom Tooth Extraction. Our Patient-Focused Approach Guarantees a Seamless Journey to Oral Relief, Minimizing Discomfort and Frequent Appointments. Say goodbye to prolonged discomfort – Our Convenient Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure Streamlines the Process, Saving You Precious Time and Energy.

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Experience the Simplicity and Success of Wisdom Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout, Bangalore, exclusively performed by the skilled team at Bangalore Dental Specialists. Bid farewell to prolonged visits and lengthy procedures as we provide a comprehensive solution to alleviate your discomfort.

Our expert professionals employ advanced techniques to handle wisdom tooth extractions with precision. With our streamlined extraction process, we address the underlying concerns, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience while removing your wisdom teeth.

Are you seeking wisdom tooth extraction for a pain-free oral experience?

  • Impacted wisdom teeth: Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth prevents pain, infection, and potential damage to adjacent teeth

    1. Overcrowding: Removing overcrowded teeth creates space for proper alignment and prevents dental issues like misalignment and bite problems.
    1. Severe tooth decay or damage: Extracting a severely decayed or damaged tooth prevents further oral health complications.

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Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore

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Unlock the Gateway to Oral Comfort with Wisdom Tooth Extraction, offering a smooth and pain-free solution. Embrace the freedom to maintain optimal oral hygiene effortlessly and indulge in your favorite foods without restrictions, thanks to the elimination of troublesome wisdom teeth and their potential complications.

What is Tooth Extraction? – Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore

Tooth extraction is a procedure where one or more teeth are completely pulled out from the gum socket in the jaw bone. Tooth Extraction at Bangalore Dental Specialists.

Why is it necessary?

It is always preferred to save the natural tooth by restoring its lost function wherever possible. However, there are certain conditions in which the tooth gets damaged past the point of repair. In such cases, tooth extraction is done, such as:

  • a deeply infected tooth (pus)
  • severe gum disease, which can cause mobile tooth
  • tooth injury due to severe trauma leading to a fractured tooth
  • impacted teeth that cause problems such as wisdom tooth

What to inform the dentist about before extraction?

Before undergoing a tooth extraction, inform your dentist about your complete medical history, prescription or non-prescription medicines, and supplements you take, and if you have/had one of the following:

  • heart diseases (artificial valves, high blood pressure)
  • liver diseases
  • impaired immune system
  • diabetes
  • bacterial endocarditis
  • joint replacement surgeries (hip replacement)

Special considerations – Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore:

Certain conditions require a modified treatment plan or additional medical consultation to get a tooth extracted. Before undergoing Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore, the dentist may check for the following:

  • extraction site which was exposed to radiation, such as in radiotherapy during cancer
  • any cancerous lesion alongside the extraction site
  • extraction site adjacent to a jaw fracture
  • minimal mouth opening
  • pregnancy
  • bleeding disorders
  • uncontrolled diabetes

Types of Dental Extractions:

Two main types of tooth extractions are simple extraction and surgical extraction.

Simple extraction:

A simple dental extraction involves the removal of teeth that are visible in the mouth and are easily accessible. Dentists generally carry out this procedure in their dental practices using local anesthesia. It numbs the tooth and surrounding gum tissue.

Surgical extraction:

A dental surgical extraction is done in cases where the teeth are not easily accessible inside the mouth. This may happen because the tooth might not have erupted through the gum completely. It can also be considered in cases of the fractured tooth where the fracture extends below the gum line.

Most common conditions requiring extraction – Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore:

Wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth, known as third molars, usually erupt in the late teens or early twenties. All other teeth usually secure their places in the jaw by this time. Sometimes, there is no space for the wisdom tooth to erupt. Because of lack of space, they may get stuck in the jawbone or try to erupt abnormally. The wisdom tooth may cause dental problems, and your dentist may ask you to extract them.

Fractured Tooth 

In a fractured tooth, the treatment options depend on the extent of the fracture. If this fracture extends beyond the gum line, extraction is considered. Extraction of a fractured tooth is also considered when this fracture involves the tooth’s root.

Mobile Tooth

A mobile tooth can result from injury, trauma, or severe gum disease. The treatment of a mobile tooth depends on how mobile the tooth is. When a tooth starts moving in all six directions, i.e., forward, backward, left, and right in its socket, the dentist may consider extraction of the mobile tooth.

Aftercare – Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore:

Dentists after Tooth Extraction in HSR Layout Bangalore suggest the following to achieve the best results after the procedure:

Within 24 hours of extraction:

  • Remove the gauze pad from your mouth after 45-60 minutes of placement
  • You may have cold foods such as ice cream after it
  • Eat soft or semi-solid food at cold or room temperature. Avoid taking any hot food or beverages
  • Apply an ice pack 2-3 times a day on the cheek adjacent to the extraction site
  • Do not use straws, spit, rinse, and brush
  • Do not sleep on the side of the extraction, and elevate your head by placing an extra pillow at night
  • Don’t take any aerated drinks, cold drinks, and or food containing soda
  • Take the medicines on time which are prescribed to you by the dentist

After 24 hours of extraction:

  • Do warm saline rinses 3-4 times daily
  • After having any meal or food, rinse your mouth with plain water to avoid food lodgement
  • Brush properly but try not to touch the extraction socket
  • Consume a regular meal at room temperature
  • While doing warm saline rinses or brushing, don’t spit with force or pressure
  • Avoid the usage of straw till the socket heals
  • Follow up with your dentist after three days of the extraction. If you have sutures, then after seven days of your extraction